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What Can You Do About Your Child’s Bad Breath?

September 08, 2017 ABC Children's Dentistry

Bad breath is something we can all experience. While it may be a sign of simply forgetting to brush, bad breath can also be an indication of actual health problems in your child.

In this issue, we’ll explore bad breath a little more, and focus on its numerous causes and what its presence could mean.

What causes bad breath?

Also known as halitosis, bad breath can be quite embarrassing, and can even cause anxiety. While bad breath can be caused by certain things we eat, like garlic bread, it can also be caused by a host of other things, including:

  • Poor oral hygiene – especially failing to brush and floss frequently
  • Breathing through the mouth (perhaps due to stuffy nose) – this prevents saliva from washing away bacteria, which can lead directly to bad breath
  • Not brushing the tongue
  • Dry mouth caused by not producing enough saliva – this can be caused by not staying properly hydrated

What health reasons could be causing bad breath?

According to the Mayo Clinic, bad breath could be a signal for a host of medical issues with your child, including:

  • Sinus infections, which can cause fluid to build up in nasal passages and throat
  • Swollen tonsils – bacteria pools in the pits of swollen tonsils
  • Tooth decay and gum disease – bad breath can stem from a cavity, gum disease and even mouth sores

How can my child avoid bad breath?

Your child’s health and well-being can be greatly affected by healthy teeth.

  • Schedule regular checkups and professional cleaning with your child’s dentist.
  • Make sure your child brushes at least twice per day – including the tongue.
  • Flossing at least once should also be encouraged so that odor-causing food particles are removed from the teeth.
  • Get a new toothbrush for your child every few months as dull bristles aren’t effective.

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