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What To Do If Your Child Loses A Tooth

February 16, 2018 ABC Children's Dentistry

It’s seemingly a right of passage – both for the parent and the child – when the little one has a tooth knocked out. Would you know what to do?

We’ll talk about it in this issue.

Losing a tooth is only natural, right?

To an extent, yes. While losing baby teeth naturally is normal, having them knocked out or loosened can lead to potential problems. For example, if the tooth is forced down into the gum, it can actually damage the permanent teeth lying underneath. The American Dental Association (ADA) confirms that a tooth coming out before its ready can lead to other teeth crowding into the empty space.

What should I do if my child has a baby tooth knocked out?

For starters, try to comfort your child. Then, get in touch with your child’s dentist for advice. Most likely, you’ll be advised to offer your child a soft diet over the course of the next few days. A dental X-ray will probably need to be performed as well – merely as a precautionary measure to see if a nerve or underlying permanent tooth has been damaged.

What if my child has a permanent tooth knocked out?

That can be a bit more serious. The first order of business is to recover the tooth – grasp it by the crown, not the root – and gently rinse off any debris. It’s also important to keep the tooth moist. For example, you can wrap it in a clean cloth that has been soaked in either tap water or salt water.

If proper care is taken, there’s a good chance that your child’s tooth can be saved.

When should my child see the dentist?

As soon as possible! Even if the tooth cannot be saved, your dentist will certainly be able to provide a solution best suited for your child.

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