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Why Your Child Should Not Be Using Tobacco

March 16, 2018 ABC Children's Dentistry

Despite repeated warnings, about 8 of every 100 (8%) high school students and 2 of every middle school students (2.2%) admit to smoking cigarettes in the past 30 days. That’s according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The data also reveals that about 6 of every 100 high school students (5.8%) said they use smokeless tobacco.

With the rise in popularity of e-cigarettes, which are made increasingly attractive to adolescents by the variety of flavors, the number of youths experimenting with tobacco is expected to rise.

In this issue, we’ll talk specifically about how tobacco can absolutely ruin your child’s teeth.

How does tobacco affect our teeth?

Many of us are all too aware of the ways that tobacco can negatively impact our overall health. It’s known to contribute to the development of cancer, heart disease, lung disease and others.

However, as far as our mouths are concerned, tobacco use – particularly smokeless tobacco – can increase your risk of oral cancer as well. This can be an especially aggressive form of cancer because of the great quantity of blood vessels and lymph nodes located in our head and neck.

As for your teeth themselves, tobacco use can lead to extensive tooth decay, permanently stained teeth, damaged gums and a lessening ability to smell and taste.

Teeth damaged by tobacco use can be fixed, right?

While restorative dentistry is often a possibility with tooth decay, the discoloration and gum recession can make the task much more difficult and the results less than desirable.

Why it’s important for your child to stop tobacco use now.

The majority of adult smokers say that their habit began while they were teenagers. The longer your child uses tobacco, the more likely they are to experience the harshly negative effects from it.

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We hope that you’ll take the steps to discourage your child from using tobacco. The efforts you make are certainly worth it, as most studies show that teens who are discouraged from using tobacco are less likely to do it in their adult years.

By partnering with us here at ABC Children’s Dentistry in San Diego, we’ll work with you in developing an individualized plan of action for maintaining your child’s teeth.

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