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Why Your Child Should Be Wearing a Mouthguard

June 02, 2017 ABC Children's Dentistry

If you think mouthguards should be worn only during contact sports, it’s time to think again. In fact, mouthguards should be also worn during non-contact activities, like skating and gymnastics.

In this issue, we’ll talk about why.

What do mouthguards do?

Mouthguards will go a long way in helping to prevent chipped or broken teeth, tooth loss and nerve damage to teeth.

Who should wear a mouthguard?

Anyone regardless of age, who takes part in contact (football, basketball, lacrosse, etc) sports and non-contact activities (skateboarding, biking, gymnastics, etc.) should wear a protective mouthguard.

Also, children and adults who grind their teeth at night should wear a mouthguard.

According to a report from The American Dental Association, more than 3 million teeth could be knocked out during youth sporting events. In a survey, however, 67% of parents said their children do not wear mouthguards during organized sports.

What are mouthguards made of?

There are actually different kinds of mouthguards, and they are made from flexible acrylic.

The different kinds are:

  • Custom-made mouthguards

Individually designed and made in either your dentist’s office or a dental laboratory. They’re made based upon an impression of your teeth, and provide the most comfortable fit and provide the best protection.

  • Boil and bite mouthguards

These pre-formed mouthguards can be altered to fit your mouth by boiling them in water and then biting into the warm plastic.

  • Stock mouthguards

These mouthguards come pre-formed and are ready to wear. They usually do not fit very well, and their bulkiness can make talking and breathing more complicated.

How do I care for a mouthguard?

There are a few things you can do to ensure the effectiveness and lifespan of a mouthguard:

  • Rinse the mouthguard before and after each use;
  • Do not leave it in hot water or the sun;
  • When not in use, transport or keep it in a sturdy container that has vents;
  • Check it regularly for wear and tear, and replace it when it’s distorted.

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