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Find Out Which Snacks Are Good For Your Child’s Teeth

June 16, 2017 ABC Children's Dentistry

There’s more to good dental care than just brushing and flossing. In this issue we’ll talk about nutritional choices that help your child’s teeth as well as his or her overall health.

Foods That Lead to Strong Teeth for Children

With school out and summertime upon us, picnics are definitely the order of the day! When you’re packing the meal for you and your child, be sure to include at least a few of the snacks below as eating crunch, raw veggies and fruits will help remove substances that stick to the teeth surface

  • Fresh fruit
    (sliced watermelon, pears, berries, pineapple, oranges)
  • Vegetable sticks
    (carrots, celery, cucumbers)
  • Hummus on toasted pita triangles
  • Low-fat yogurt with berries


  • Turkey
  • White fish
  • Chicken

Most sodas and juices pack lots of sugar, which can easily lead to tooth decay. Try to encourage your child to get into the habit of drinking water, instead. Water in San Diego is fluoridated, and will go a long way toward strengthening your child’s teeth, and protecting them against potentially dangerous bacteria that’s sticking to the teeth.

Here’s What to Avoid

Just as there are foods and snacks that can help and protect your child’s teeth, there are food and drink types you definitely want to stay away from because of their cavity-causing strengths.

These include:

  • Ice
    While it chewing on ice may seem harmless, chewing on any hard substance can damage your child’s teeth by leaving them vulnerable to a dental emergency.
  • Sticky or chewy food
    Because they tend to remain on your child’s teeth longer, foods that are sticky can damage their teeth. Be sure your child rinses with water immediately after eating a sticky snack.
  • Crunchy chips
    These are often filled with starch, which can get trapped between your child’s teeth. If your child snacks on chips, be sure to pack floss.

Find Out How To Care For Your Child’s Teeth & Gums By Calling ABC Children’s’ Dentistry in San Diego

We hope you and your child have a wonderful summer. To learn more about taking care of your children’s teeth, get in touch with us here at ABC Children’s Dentistry in San Diego.

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