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How to Smooth Dentist Office Visit for Children With Autism

July 19, 2019 ABC Children's Dentistry

A trip to the dentist’s office can be a frightening experience for an autistic child. But with just a bit of strategic planning, parents with autistic children can make dentist office visits go much smoother.

In this issue, the San Diego child dentist experts at ABC Children’s Dentistry will share a few steps to help parents of autistic children tackle dentist office visits.

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Why can a dentist office visit be so frightening to an autistic child?

Even children’s dentist offices, which is typically designed and decorated to put a child at ease, can be intimidating to children with autism. This can be from any number of factors, including the sounds, bright lights, and strangers.

How can I make the dentist office visit better for my autistic child?

Here are a few suggestions to help smooth your child’s visit to the dentist’s office.

  1. Be sure the appointment is not for a day that will already be a busy one for your child. Relaxation and minimized stress are very important on the day of your child’s visit to the dentist.
  2. Before the appointment, try to introduce your child to the idea of visiting the dentist. If possible, take photos of the office setting beforehand. In addition, toy dental instruments can be beneficial in helping children overcome certain dental phobias.
  3. Pack earplugs and sunglasses if your child has problems with bright lights and loud noises.
  4. Make your child as comfortable as possible by bringing along favorite items, including fidget toy, blanket, stuffed animal, etc.

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