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Preparing Your Child for the Dentist: The Power of Storytelling

February 19, 2024 ABC Children's Dentistry

Visiting the dentist can often be intimidating and overwhelming for young children. However, introducing them to the idea of a dentist’s visit through captivating storytelling can truly make a difference. The professionals at ABC Children’s Dentistry fully grasp the significance of creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for our little patients during their dental visits, and we find that introducing them at home through story books can often ease the anxiety of that first dental visit.

Exploring Dental Adventures Through Books

There are many delightful books that serve as excellent tools to prepare your child for their upcoming dental appointments. These stories are crafted to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience for both you and your child. Any book that your child enjoys will help, but here are a few that are easy to find and work well for young patients.

  • We’re Going to the Dentist: Going for a Check-up (Big Steps) by Marion Cocklico.  This board book is suitable for the youngest dental patients and tells the story of Nancy and Teddy’s dental visit.  As a bonus, it features manipulatives such as flaps to open and levers to move!
  • The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist by Stan and Jan Berenstain.  This timeless classic from the renowned series introduces young readers to the world of dentistry through the endearing characters made popular in books and television. The engaging narrative addresses common fears and highlights the importance of oral health.
  • Curious George Visits the Dentist by Margret and H.A. Rey.  What better way to introduce children to the dentist than with the adventurous Curious George?  Children will have a great time reading about George’s first encounter with the dentist following a toothache.
  • My Friend Toothy: How to Practice Good Dental Hygiene by Stacy Laviolette.  This beautifully illustrated book offers practical tips on keeping up good dental hygiene practices at home.  Before or after a dentist’s visit, it can be a great reminder of what to do to have a healthy smile.  The book also features a bonus section to track tooth loss and even a “Dad joke” section at the end for extra laughs!
  • Peppa Pig Dentist Trip by Scholastic. Peppa Pig is one of the most popular children’s characters of the twenty-first century, so it is no surprise that her adventures include a trip to the dentist!  With Peppa and George, children can experience the way in which a big sister helps her little brother overcome dental anxiety

Empowering Your Child Through Books

By introducing your child to the concept of dental visits through these engaging books, you can positively influence their perception of dental care. As professionals dedicated to children’s oral health at ABC Children’s Dentistry, we highly recommend incorporating these and other stories into your child’s routine before their dental appointments! Remember, a well-prepared child is more likely to have a positive experience at the dentist, laying a strong foundation for lifelong oral health habits. If you are ready to schedule your child’s next dental check-up, feel free to reach out to us today!