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Prevent Halloween From Being a Frightful Time For Your Child’s Teeth

October 26, 2018 ABC Children's Dentistry

With Halloween right around the corner, many children are excited about going house-to-house, and trick-or-treating for candy. While excessive exposure to the sugars found in many candies can lead directly to cavities, there are ways to make the post-Halloween dental check-up less frightful.

In this article, the San Diego child dentist experts with ABC Children’s Dentistry will share a few tips for making this year’s Halloween less of a scary time for your child’s teeth.

  1. Eat candy at the right time.
    While your child will most likely want to dive right into their haul of Halloween candy, it’s best if they eat some of it either with meals or shortly after mealtime. The reasoning behind this is that our saliva production increases dramatically at mealtime, which helps to get rid of the acids produced by the bacteria in our mouths and will help wash away any leftover food particles.
  2. Avoid sticky and hard candies.
    The longer a sugary food stays on the teeth, the more likely it will be to contribute to tooth decay. Because of that, it’s best to limit your child’s intake of sticky candies, like gummy bears, Starburst, caramels, Tootsie Rolls, etc.
  3. Emphasize sugarless gum.
    Rather than placing so much emphasis upon candy, steer your child to sugarless gum with the American Dental Association’s seal of approval. Keep in mind that chewing sugarless gum should not replace your child’s brushing and flossing, but it does increase the flow of saliva, which in turn rinses away food particles.
  4. Spread the bounty of candy with troops deployed overseas.
    While it’s tempting to keep Halloween candy around the house for a few days, your child’s teeth are better off if you can limit their access to it. Organizations like Operation Gratitude will help you to give some of your Halloween candy to U.S. troops serving overseas.
  5. Be careful with costuming.
    If your child’s costume involves decorating their teeth in some way, be sure to use only cosmetics that have been specifically designed to be used on teeth.

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