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Your Child’s First Dental Exam

August 07, 2021 ABC Children's Dentistry

If you are thinking of taking your child for his or her first dental exam, congratulations!  You are starting your child out on the right road to a lifetime of good dental health.  However, we know that you may have some questions about what will happen at your child’s first exam, so we want to … Continue reading "Your Child’s First Dental Exam"

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Do I Really Need to Take My Children to a Pediatric Dentist?

July 28, 2021 ABC Children's Dentistry

Some parents do not believe that a pediatric dentist is necessary for their children.  After all, if you already have a general dentist with whom you are very comfortable and who is providing great service to you and your family, it may seem unnecessary to take your children to a pediatric dentist.  If your own … Continue reading "Do I Really Need to Take My Children to a Pediatric Dentist?"

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Pediatric Wisdom Teeth Removal Guide

March 11, 2020 ABC Children's Dentistry

Wisdom teeth removal is fairly common. In fact, Americans have as many as 10 million wisdom teeth removed every year. However, many of us don’t know much about wisdom teeth or the removal procedure. What are wisdom teeth? Why do we even have wisdom teeth? How do you know if your child’s wisdom teeth need … Continue reading "Pediatric Wisdom Teeth Removal Guide"

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Braces for Kids

Ultimate Guide to Braces for Kids

March 10, 2020 ABC Children's Dentistry

These days, many children get braces. Kids today are sometimes excited to get braces. In their eyes, braces are a rite of passage that signals they’ll soon be teenagers and that’s exciting. As a parent, you probably have a lot of questions about braces for kids.  In this article, we will answer your questions about … Continue reading "Ultimate Guide to Braces for Kids"

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Are space maintainers really necessary

Are space maintainers really necessary?

March 08, 2020 ABC Children's Dentistry

The American Dental Association tells us that most children will have a full set of baby teeth by the time they reach the age of 3. Besides helping your child to eat his or her solid foods, baby teeth provide a crucial function by serving as placeholders for your child’s permanent teeth. But if your … Continue reading "Are space maintainers really necessary?"

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emergency dentist San Diego

Emergency Dentists: When Your Child Has a Dental Emergency

March 06, 2020 ABC Children's Dentistry

Dental emergencies can be really scary, especially when they involve a child. Knowing what to expect and how to quickly address your child’s dental emergency can help you feel prepared and less anxious if you find yourself in this situation. After all, accidents happen and it’s good to be prepared. In this article, we will … Continue reading "Emergency Dentists: When Your Child Has a Dental Emergency"

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What is Laughing Gas

What is Laughing Gas?

March 04, 2020 ABC Children's Dentistry

If your child is anxious about seeing a dentist, you may want to ask your pediatric dentist about using laughing gas during their exam or procedure. What is laughing gas? It is a gas known as nitrous oxide that can help keep your child relaxed and calm while getting dental work done. Read on to … Continue reading "What is Laughing Gas?"

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Tooth decay in children

Fighting Tooth Decay in Children

February 19, 2020 ABC Children's Dentistry

Tooth decay in children (or cavities) is caused by bacteria in the mouth damaging the teeth. This bacteria is called plaque. It attaches itself to the tooth’s enamel and ultimately damages enamel as it eats away at the protective covering.  In this article, we will discuss what causes decay, as well as its symptoms and … Continue reading "Fighting Tooth Decay in Children"

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first dental visit

What to Expect at Your Toddler’s First Dental Visit

January 14, 2020 ABC Children's Dentistry

Do you know when you should take your child to visit the pediatric dentist for the first time? It’s earlier than you think! The first visit to the pediatric dentist can be exciting, but it can make some children nervous. They just aren’t sure what to expect. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare … Continue reading "What to Expect at Your Toddler’s First Dental Visit"

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Do Children Really Need Root Canals - kids

Do Children Really Need Root Canals?

ABC Children's Dentistry

When the pediatric dentist tells you that your child may need a root canal, your mind begins to race. You may have lots of questions or concerns.  Are root canals safe?  Do children need root canals?  How can we avoid a root canal?  What will happen during the procedure?  This guide will answer all those … Continue reading "Do Children Really Need Root Canals?"

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